The Massage People launches Zen Hut massage service

The Massage People London Unveils Exciting Rebranding and Launches Innovative Wellness, Beauty & Massage Service With Unique Features

London, United Kingdom / The Massage People, a leading on-demand massage and wellness company, is thrilled to announce its rebranding and the launch of a state-of-the-art website and app Zen Hut. With its unique features and unrivaled flexibility, Zen Hut aims to revolutionise the way freelance therapists work in the beauty and wellness industry. In turn, clients will then benefit from greater choice and quality, as well as enjoy more competitive rates.

One of the most innovative and exciting features of the new Zen Hut platform is the ‘Incall’ booking service, which allows therapists to work from their home treatment rooms. For clients, this feature allows them to find quality vetted therapists in or near their neighborhoods without needing to go into busy town centres and pay expensive spa rates. Individual freelance therapists will also now be far better able to compete with high street spas for business by using Zen Hut, which is free to join, and allows them to set their own rates. 

Therapists can also work on a mobile basis, traveling to client’s homes, hotels and offices. The app allows them not only the freedom to select which postcodes they’ll accept bookings in, but also to apply custom travel fees to different postcodes. Currently Zen Hut only offers massage services but has plans to offer corporate chair massage as well as beauty and other wellness services in future.

Key features of the new Zen Hut for freelance therapists include:

  1. Rate freedom. App gives therapists ability to set own pricing.
  2. Service area. Therapists have the ability to choose their own service area for mobile services, as well as set custom travel fees. It’s also possible to have a different service area for bookings which start at 21:30pm or later.
  3. Profile customisation. For example, they can upload their own profile images, of home their treatment room and write their own profile bio.
  4. Payment flexibility. Therapists can get paid directly in cash or card, or, get paid online up front in full.
  5. Robust support. There is a dedicated support team available via the app and phone for therapists at all times.
  6. Safety features. The app allows therapists to check in to bookings, with an alert being triggered if they fail to check out. Therapists can also block clients. 

To explore the new Zen Hut website and experience the difference first hand, visit

About Zen Hut

Zen Hut is a massage, beauty and wellness booking platform offering services in London as well as other areas in the near future. The company began it’s journey in 2015 as The Massage People and since then has delivered over 100,000 massage throughout London. The rebranding and launch of the new website signifies the companies desire to adapt to recent changes in both the beauty and wellness industry and urban living in general. The company growth has been achieved without the need for venture capital or other investment, although it has signaled it’s open to exploring these funding options in future.

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