The First-Ever International Doge Day Celebration: A Free-For-All Paw-some Event to Remember!

Own The Doge Unveils Bronze Statue of Internet Meme Icon Kabosu, Celebrates Doge’s 18th Birthday, and Hosts Special Guests in Sakura City Park, Japan

Sakura City, Japan / Get ready to howl, celebrate, and remember November 2nd because the first-ever International Doge Day is upon us! In collaboration with the National Day Calendar, famous for registering iconic days like Avocado and Coffee Day, Own The Doge is thrilled to announce this historic celebration in Sakura City Park, Japan, the hometown of Kabosu, the “Doge” of the internet.

This extraordinary event coincides with the 18th birthday of Doge, the internet’s favorite meme dog, and will be highlighted by the unveiling of a Bronze Statue of Kabosu in the park. This statue was brought to life through the collective efforts of Own The Doge, Dogecoin Foundation, Doge Pound NFT, Rainbow Wallet, and Feisty Doge (NFD) last year on Kabosu’s 17th birthday. With the support of the Doge community, we raised over $100,000 to turn this Bronze dream into a meme. And this calls for a party!

The day includes some special guests to make this paw-some event even more remarkable! Announcing Tay Zonday, the legendary voice behind “Chocolate Rain,” and Bad Luck Brian, the meme that dominated Reddit. These iconic figures will be joining us at Doge Day to brighten up the celebration.

Tay writes at length about memes and internet culture:

“The Internet today has many examples of people from different countries connecting online, despite political tensions. For example, Russian teenagers in Moscow learn English from American pop music and share New York hip-hop dances on their social apps, even when these countries are on opposite sides of a conflict in Ukraine.

Art and sports have always been ways for people to come together and find common ground, regardless of politics. They are difficult to restrict and are resistant to assimilation.

Paul Gilroy once wrote that art from the African diaspora represents a counter-culture to traditional European rationalism and modernity. Art movements like impressionism and dadaism have historically existed as a response to politics and power.

Sometimes I wonder what popular Internet memes like Doge Dog, Bad Luck Brian, and Chocolate Rain have in common. These memes come from different time periods, formats, and online communities. However, in a broader sense, I like to think that memes, like DamnDaniel, Chewbacca Mom, David After The Dentist, and Bed Intruder, are a form of digital counter-culture.

For me, memes are how we naturally fight the predictability of algorithm-driven content.

Recommendation systems often reduce us to our hashtags, demographics, and advertising preferences. Machine learning AI scrutinizes every bit of our online activity to fit us into its idea of an ideal user—one who clicks the most, watches the most, and buys the most.

In the midst of an Internet that maximizes user engagement, session duration, and sales by feeding us personalized content that confirms our existing beliefs, memes provide a different perspective. Memes don’t conform to the rules of search engine optimization. They don’t follow the predictable patterns that advertisers try to target. Memes, in the words of Jacques Derrida, introduce a moment of repetition, but they do it in a unique way. They derive their strength, as Ralph Ellison observed, from living with one’s “head in the lion’s mouth”

—challenging the status quo from within. Memes can disrupt the algorithms that govern our

online experience.”

Event Details:

– Date: November 2nd, 2023
– Location: Sakura City Park, Japan
– Time: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Japanese Time)

This event is free for shibes and hoomans worldwide, but will also be some special surprises for VIP ticket holders. Expect free food, music, drinks, art, crafts, and endless fun. Here’s the planned itinerary:

1. 1:00 PM – Grand Opening by the Mayor of Sakura City
2. 1:30 PM – The Doge Quiz (Much Rare Prizes, Very Bronze)
3. 2:30 PM – Q&A Panel Feat. Atsuko Sato, Tay Zonday, Bad Luck Brian
4. 3:00 PM – Open Mic (+surprise guest) – wut does Doge mean 2 you?
5. 4:20 PM – Unveiling the Bronze Statue (Such Forever)
6. 4:30 PM – Take Photos on the Yellow Carpet
7. 5:00 PM – Gary and Julia’s Decentralized Dance Parade
8. 6:00 PM – Bed Time for Dogs and Hoomans

For those who can’t make it to Japan, don’t worry! The statue unveiling will be streamed on and X broadcast, ensuring you won’t miss this iconic moment in Doge and meme history. Follow @ownthedoge on X for more details regarding livestreams. 

As the stage is set for a historic celebration, Own The Doge is excited to announce the line-up of sponsors who’ve made this event a reality:

Feisty Doge (NFD):  NFD token is the original coined meme! Even before PleasrDAO fractionalised Atsuko Sato’s original Doge NFT, CryptoPathic did it with Feisty Doge!

Insrt Fun: A gamified, social marketplace where people can embed promises in NFTs and other people can win them. 

SARAH: SARAH is a gourmet web3 food app from Japan. They have 2M monthly active users who post pictures and reviews on SARAH to earn UME. 

Defi Ted: A true Doge of the decentralized world, bringing the fun!

Coinpost: The biggest crypto media organization in Japan.

Shapeshift: Founded by Erik Voorhees in 2014, ShapeShift transitioned to a DAO in 2021 and is all about decentralization and bringing crypto communities together.

These sponsors aren’t just supporters; they’re the backbone of this meme-tastic event! Without their much-needed help, this dream wouldn’t have transformed into such an epic meme!

Don’t miss this historic event that’s bound to be filled with love, laughter, and Doge memeiness. Woof Woof, LFD!

For more information, please visit or follow us on social media: @OwnTheDoge

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