Tableau Consulting Services Company DEV3LOPCOM, LLC Updates Its Logo and Icon

The New Logo and Icon Better Represent the Services that DEV3LOPCOM, LLC Offers

AUSTIN, TX / DEV3LOPCOM, LLC, a top provider of consulting services, data warehousing services and software development, is pleased to announce the launch of its new logo and icon.

To learn more about DEV3LOPCOM, LLC and the tableau consulting services that they offer, please visit their website.

As Isabelle Garrett, Managing Director of DEV3LOPCOM, LLC noted, she and her team made the decision to retire the old logo and icon, which had been updated in early 2021, because they felt they were not accurately representing the many services that they provide.

“We want to make sure that our brand differentiates and reflects our services. Because we are not a D3 focused consultancy, we decided to ‘sunset’ our old logo and transition to the new one,” she said.

“The icon for our company’s branding was pulled from the logo itself, which has a font that is  reminiscent of a vintage video game and is known as Press Start 2P. But because the D3 icon may be suggestive that we are focused on D3 engagements, we felt it was important to make the adjustments.”

Specifically, Garrett said, inside the logo, on the “O” in “DEV3LOP” they wanted to break the symmetrical appearance with a subtle edit and create what appears to be two left (<) and right (>) angle brackets, which are reserved in HTML to identify the opening and closing tags of elements.  

“By repurposing this design feature from the ‘O,’ we were able to construct what we now refer to as our icon. This approach provided coherence to our logo, and enhanced our brand identity by making it unequivocally clear that we offer web development services, in addition to our data visualization, analysis and management services.


DEV3LOPCOM, LLC is a technology services provider that specializes in software development, data management, and digital marketing. With a team of experienced professionals, they help businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. For more information, visit, or check out their YouTube channel at

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