Sunrise Capital Investors Launches $25mm Build-to-Rent Investment Fund

Clearwater, FL / Sunrise Capital Investors LLC (“Sunrise”), a private equity investment firm targeting niche real estate sectors, recently announced the launch of its fourth investment fund, SCI Phoenix Build-to-Rent Fund 4 (“Fund 4”). With the new $25mm fund, Sunrise will construct Class A, top of the line build-to-rent (BTR) communities in the Phoenix, AZ MSA to meet the skyrocketing demand for quality housing.

“We’re thrilled to be providing premium townhome communities to the hardworking folks in Phoenix.  For all of the millennials ready to transition from the multi-unit apartment complex experience to something with a little more breathing room, BTR is the best game in town.” remarked Brian Spear, CIO at Sunrise. “Plus, we’re providing passive real estate investors with brand new Class A units that cashflow far better than homes built decades earlier.”

“There’s a reason we’re seeing billions of institutional dollars flowing into the build-to-rent segment,” remarked CEO Kevin Bupp, when asked for his thoughts on the recent build-to-rent phenomenon.

“Out of any property type, build-to-rent assets are projected to produce the highest risk adjusted return,” Bupp continued. “In an inflationary environment like ours, there’s no better asset class to rely on.”

Spear added, “Much like our prior funds, we feel Fund 4 will deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors over a long-term hold period that will ultimately generate legacy wealth. We are extremely well-positioned to capitalize on the BTR opportunity in Phoenix due to our spotless development track record, strong relationships with local legislators, and inside tract over the best pieces of zoned land.”

With Fund 4, Sunrise plans to meet head-on the greatest supply and demand imbalance in U.S. real estate history by providing the emerging class of Millenial and Gen Z professionals with top-tier single-family townhome communities in Phoenix. 

About Sunrise Capital Investors, LLC

Founded in 2014, Sunrise Capital Investors is a Tampa-based real estate private equity investment firm focused on helping investors generate cash flow and build legacy wealth through commercial real estate investing.  

Sunrise’s goal is to invest in high-quality real estate assets that will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over a long-term holding period.  

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