St. Louis Nonprofit New Heights Community Resource Center Offers Opportunities for Under-Represented Youth to Succeed

Dedicated to Reducing the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences

New Heights Community Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that serves at-risk youth, are pleased to announce that they are creating much needed opportunities for under-represented youth to succeed.

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Connie Bobo, Founder and Executive Director of New Heights based in St Louis, knows how challenging it can be for families in under-resourced communities to give their children the best possible upbringing. From overcrowded schools and cancelled recreational programs, to the difficulty in finding solid employment opportunities, it can be hard for parents to feel hopeful that their families will thrive.

This knowledge inspired Ms. Bobo and the New Heights Community Resource Center to create powerful and innovative programs that equip under-represented youth in the community and surrounding areas with the tools they need to overcome the real obstacles they will encounter in their lives. 

“Each one of us have lived in these same communities and experienced the same struggles. As a result, we joined forces, researched, fundraised, and labored until we developed the perfect strategy to help overcome every formidable roadblock in your path,” Ms. Bobo said.

New Heights serves the community through four core initiatives including Forks of Flavor – a nutrition initiative that provides healthy meals to children participating in out-of-school programs and educate them  on how to cook and prepare food healthfully, Branded You-Nique – a guided online coaching experience to ready teens and young adults for the work force, College Café – an 8 week deep dive into planning, budgeting, admissions, funding and getting acclimated to college life and Infinite Wisdom – an enriched learning experience for children up to age 12 that includes hands-on learning, field experiences, and a more structured atmosphere conducive to self-guided learning. 

New Heights community successes include providing over 300,000 freshly prepared meals to over 4000 youth and their families and a reportable uptick of 598 improved academic scores amongst their active youth members. Together with committed sponsor partners who help keep New Heights moving, the outreach will soon see an expansion in the St Louis area to serve more communities in need in 2021.

About New Heights Community Resource Center

New Heights Community Resource Center is dedicated to reducing the impact of adverse childhood experiences and creating opportunities for under-represented youth and their families to succeed. For more information or to donate, please visit

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