Southern Hills Home Buyers Successfully Completes Complex Sale of Texas Home

The Experienced Team at Southern Hills Home Buyers Spent 3 Months Working on Challenges Related to the Sale of the Property, Including Liens and Title Issues

Southern Hills Home Buyers is pleased to announce that they recently completed the successful sale of a Texas home with an extremely complex title situation.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Southern Hills Home Buyers purchased a home that came with significant title issues as well as a number of family members who were involved with the sale.

Rather than be discouraged by the complexity of the situation, the friendly and experienced team at Southern Hills Home Buyers got to work helping the family to navigate selling the home. This included one of the family members, who was the primary seller, not being present and able to sign any paperwork, which involved using power of attorney.

“The property had liens, title issues and other concerns with ownership,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Southern Hills Home Buyers was able to assist the family in selling the property despite the lack of a will, and made the process seamless by utilizing attorneys.

“It took 3 months to get through all of the property issues, but Southern Hills Home Buyers was ultimately able to resolve all of the challenges and help all of the sellers to come to an agreement on terms with each other.”

The fact that Southern Hills Home Buyers was able to successfully navigate and complete such a challenging home sale will not surprise the many clients they have worked with over the years.

Since opening for business, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing win-win solutions that will help homeowners get out of challenging situations. From probate and foreclosure to properties that have become burdensome, Southern Hills Home Buyers is ready and able to assist.

“At Southern Hills Home Buyers, we focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love,” the spokesperson noted.

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