Southern Hills Home Buyers Releases Guide for Homeowners Who are Considering Selling to a House Buying Professional

The Guide, Which Can Be Downloaded at No Cost, Examines the Pros and Cons of Selling a House to a Local Professional Home Buyer

Southern Hills Home Buyers is pleased to announce that they have posted a guide to their website that helps home owners decide if working with a professional home buyer is the best decision for them.

To download the free guide, which is titled “The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local Professional Home Buyer,” and to learn more about the Dallas home buyers company and the services that they offer, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, Southern Hills Home Buyers knows that while people throughout Texas are often interested in the process of working with a professional home buyer, they may be unsure about what it entails.

This knowledge inspired Southern Hills Home Buyers to write and release the complimentary guide, which offers an honest look at the benefits and potential issues that can arise when selling a home.

“There are three main ways to sell your Texas house, all with their own pros and cons,” the guide noted, adding that these are: listing it with an agent, selling it on their own (also known as a for sale by owner or FSBO) and selling it to a professional home buyer in the Lone Star State.

“All three options are great in certain situations, and terrible in others.”

The guide also covers what pitfalls homeowners should watch out for when selling their house, as well as how missing one of these potential disadvantages could result in more stress and expense when the home sells. In addition, it offers helpful advice on the four hidden costs that can often show up with listing with an agent or going the FSBO route.

“You’ll be surprised at what ‘hidden costs’ there are in listing with an agent or selling it yourself that most people never even think about until it’s too late,” the guide noted.

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