Snap to Hide Eco Flex Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector Earns Double Wins at the 2023 New York Product Design Awards

Snap to Hide Eco Flex is the First Ever Anti-Virus Anti-Bacteria Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector That is Also Eco-Friendly

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN / Right Group Monifilm, a Taiwan-based leading innovator in screen protection technology, is pleased to announce that their groundbreaking product, Snap to Hide Eco Flex Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector, recently won two awards at the 2023 New York Product Design Awards. The Snap to Hide Eco Flex won in both the Computer Accessories and Social Responsibility Design categories.

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These awards reaffirm Right Group Monifilm’s commitment to visionary design that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. The Snap to Hide Eco Flex is the world’s first Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacteria, Eco-Friendly Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector, which also leverages Monifilm’s latest state-of-the-art EcoFlex Technology.

As it notes on the Snap-To-Hide-EcoFlex-New-York-Product-Design-Award1-Winner-Page, by integrating the eco-friendly material and solventless manufacturing process, EcoFlex helps to achieve a 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

The sleek look and feel of Snap to Hide Eco Flex highlights Monifilm’s renowned “Snap to Hide” patent. With its ultra-slim 0.34mm Full Flat Unibody ONE PIECE Design, the screen protector seamlessly blends with any Apple MacBook or iPad, as well as any Android, Microsoft Laptop and Tablet PC.

Its magnetic properties make it easy to attach and remove with precision alignment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.

Snap to Hide Eco Flex also offer a range of other cutting-edge features. It is the world’s first magnetic privacy screen protector that comes with anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties, promoting a cleaner and safer screen environment.

In addition, advanced anti-blue light technology mitigates the harmful effects of blue light emitted by screens, safeguarding users’ eye health and reducing eye strain. Also, the protector features anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-smudge capabilities, guaranteeing a clear viewing experience. With an impressive 70% screen transmittance clarity, Snap to Hide Eco Flex strikes an ideal balance between privacy and visual clarity.

Recognizing the importance of social design, Right Group Monifilm submitted Snap to Hide Eco Flex to the NY Product Design Awards in the Social Responsibility Design category. This category is the perfect fit with Monifilm’s vision of creating eco-friendly solutions that address pressing market needs.

Snap to Hide Eco Flex transcends the realm of ordinary screen protectors; it represents a significant leap forward in sustainable design and screen privacy technology. Right Group Monifilm’s commitment to social design and sustainability resonates throughout every aspect of Snap to Hide Eco Flex, positioning it as the ultimate choice for discerning eco-conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on privacy.

Snap to Hide Eco Flex will be showcased at the coming 2023 Computex Tradeshow in Taiwan Taipei from May 31 to June 3, along with their range of market-driven screen protectors and optical film products and solutions, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

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