Ringba, the Revolutionary Call Tracking Technology, Announces Strategic Integration with Everflow, the Partner Marketing Platform

The Exclusive Partnership and Integration Will Allow Cross Platform Support for Their Wide Variety of Clients

DENVER, CO / Ringba, a top call tracking and analytics platform for pay per call, marketers, brands, media buyers and insurance, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership and integration with Everflow, a partner marketing and tracking platform.

“Together we have launched an integration to support cross platform support for our wide variety of agency, media buyer, affiliate network, and call center clients,” said Jenny Parrish, Strategic Partnerships at Ringba.

“Ringba’s cutting-edge call tracking and analytics capabilities will now seamlessly integrate with Everflow’s partnership marketing platform, offering marketers a comprehensive and unified solution to optimize their campaigns.”

As Ed Ceballos, Head of Partnerships at Everflow noted, the partnership between Ringba and Everflow brings together two industry giants, each renowned for their commitment to innovation and excellence in performance marketing technology.

“The collaboration is set to empower marketers to make informed decisions, improve customer experiences, and achieve unparalleled success in their campaigns,” Ceballos said.

The fact that Ringba is partnering and integrating with Everflow will not surprise the many clients who have used Ringba’s innovative and user-friendly call tracking and analytics platform. Since Ringba opened, the company has developed a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding customer service and devotion to finding new ways to improve its client support.

Now, thanks to the partnership technology that both companies utilize, clients can rest assured that they will achieve all of their marketing campaign goals.

“As always, our support engineering team is standing by to help anytime you need it at no extra cost, and we will continue to use the same APIs as our clients to create seamless integrations and powerful workflows,” Parrish noted.

About Ringba

Ringba is the leading call tracking and analytics platform for marketers, brands, media buyers, insurance, and pay per call. Get more ROI than any other platform with their real-time call routing, ring tree for calls, and industry-leading analytics. To learn more, visit https://www.ringba.com

About Everflow

Everflow is the Smarter Partner Marketing and Tracking Platform. Performance marketing has grown sophisticated, and Everflow helps companies stay ahead. Everflow handles scale through Google Cloud, drill down analytics reporting, and automated optimization with Smart Switch. To learn more, visit https://everflow.io.

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