Ringba, a Top Inbound Call Tracking and Analytics Platform for Marketers, Announces the Acquisition of TCPA.com

The Acquisition Will Help Provide the Performance Marketing Industry with Increased Access to Real-Time Proprietary Case Data

DOVER, DE / Ringba, a leading provider of call tracking and real-time TCPA scrubbing services for the performance marketing industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TCPA.com.

To learn more about Ringba and its many innovative features and services, including its call tracking platform, please check out https://www.ringba.com/.

“We are excited about the acquisition of TCPA.com with the goal of providing the performance marketing industry with more access to our real-time proprietary case data,” said Adam Young, CEO of Ringba.

“The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is constantly evolving and remains a significant risk to outbound marketers. We look forward to providing everyone with more resources to improve compliance practices and protect consumers.”

TCPA.com was first registered in 1996 and this will be the first time the domain will be developed.

As a spokesperson for Ringba noted, everyone at the company is devoted to improving and changing the way businesses connect with their customers. The team is made up of experienced AdTech engineers, product designers and marketers, who are truly devoted to the success of their clients.

Now, with the acquisition of TCPA.com, Ringba is in the process of building a one-stop resource portal for all things related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act with the goal of educating business owners about TCPA laws and regulations and providing performance marketers with more access to Ringba’s proprietary case data.

“By combining TCPA.com and Ringba’s TCPA Shield, we’ve been able to uncover some fascinating insights and we could not be more excited to share it with the performance marketing and call center industry,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Ringba also runs the world’s largest community of pay per call marketing professionals.

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