Red Laser Scanning Increases its Nationwide Presence with its Measured Building Survey and 3D Laser Scanning Services

Red Laser Scanning is Now Serving the Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool Regions in the U.K.

LONDON, U.K. / Red Laser Scanning is pleased to announce that it has expanded its presence across the U.K. with its comprehensive range of measured building survey and 3D laser scanning services.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Red Laser Scanning is expanding into fast-growing U.K. markets including the Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool regions.

“Professional teams with local knowledge, based in these areas, will provide the full range of Red Laser Scanning services,” the spokesperson noted, adding that as measured survey and 3D laser scanning specialists, they offer a wide range of services such as measured building and topographic surveys, site engineering, RoL modeling and underground utility investigations.

In addition to expanding their service locations across the U.K., Red Laser Scanning also recently invested in the latest Faro and Leica scanners, GNSS systems, total stations and underground tracing equipment.

“The latest survey equipment and technology, combined with our experienced surveyors and responsive management, enable Red Laser Scanning to provide fast and efficient service with a wide range of deliverables. Our projects consist of measured surveys of large commercial premises and warehouses, heritage properties, land, farms, and more,” the spokesperson noted.

The announcement that Red Laser Scanning is working in additional markets throughout the U.K. will not surprise the many clients who have worked with the company. Since it opened, ,Red Laser Scanning has earned a well-deserved reputation for its efficient services that are completed quickly and in a professional manner.

The friendly and knowledgeable team from Red Laser Scanning prides itself on its swift delivery of services to clients, which include architects, designers, construction professionals and facility managers.

“For any project in London and across the UK please contact us on 0207 477 2175,” the spokesperson noted.

About Red Laser Scanning

Red Laser Scanning provides a variety of services from measured building surveys, topographical surveys, valuable point cloud, the production of as-built 2d drawings, 3D models and setting out engineer services. They guarantee accuracy every time and are consistent when producing their clients’ deliverables. For more information, please visit

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