Pulvis Art Urns Launches New Range of Pet Urns for Loved Furry Friends

Pulvis Art Urns team is pleased to announce the launch of their new pet urns portfolio.

Sofia, Bulgaria / Pulvis Art Urns new range of pet urns were designed to honor those precious moments together with your beloved furry friend and help celebrate a life filled with love and happy memories.

Since time immemorial pets have protected and guided our finite being. Their companionship is what leads us to the threshold of endlessness, to what is beyond our grasp and defined by the limits of spoken language. It is our pets that gift us homeliness.

That is why the loss of our pets is something almost unthinkable. For it seems to lose a furry companion is to lose the essence of our home.

However, with the pain from such a devastating event – always untimely, always out of place – there comes a final gift that pets present to us. And it is this unity that our pets guard and gift us with their love and friendship. For this reason, here at Pulvis, we believe that we are obliged to find ways of honoring their memory and significance.

Visit the Pulvis Urns website to find out more: https://www.pulvisurns.com/

About Pulvis Art Urns

The name Pulvis evokes the brilliance of ceramics, the wonder of design, and the radiance of glazes. Before it became a brand name, it was the idea of three friends who shared their creative flame. Founded in 2017, Pulvis has endured as the ultimate symbol of luxury ceramic urns.

Today, the vision of the brand is to prolong the idea of the founders by creating superb handmade urns for ashes, reviving exciting and emotional designs, pushing the limits of the factory by creating unique memorials with its signature contrasts, carrying out major innovation projects, crafting a unique Pulvis world dedicated to the people, working with renowned artists to produce limited editions in various materials and to recreate its cultural heritage.

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