Prospes Real Estate Expands and Delivers Elite Service to New Yorkers.

Prospes Real Estate is a rapidly growing corporation that optimizes internal experience to give their clients excellence, whether it’s buying, selling, or renting.

Prospes Real Estate, founded in October 2019, is a newly developed real estate company that seeks to aid New Yorkers in finding quality residential housing and commercial leases.

Prospes has expanded throughout Queens, Long Island and the Bronx, despite the market spiraling downward when COVID-19 hit, and a brief closure between March and June of 2020. By 2022, Prospes hopes to be present in all five boroughs —  offering personable and genuine service to clients no matter the location.

Prospes acknowledges that meeting clients’ needs is the first priority, not the price. With this practice, the corporation has established and maintained a trustworthy presence for locals.

Perpetuating integrity and top-tier service is not only in their mission statement, it’s in their business model. Unlike others, Prospes Real Estate Company provides their agents with tri-weekly training sessions to ensure that employees go out into the field with a full tool belt. 

Many of these training sessions take different forms. Some may include lectures with experienced guest speakers, while other sessions might be focused on creating team bonds through hiking trips and gatherings.

Prospes isn’t only concerned with external relationships; they understand that internal connections matter too.

“Agents come to me everyday about different problems,” Zhou says. “My job is to help them resolve their problems with my expertise and knowledge in the industry.”

Prospes provides New Yorkers with unmatched service and dedication. In a city struggling to make a comeback, Prospes is embracing COVID’s economic challenge and persevering toward excellence.

In 2020 alone, Prospes had over 30 deals following their brief closure and are now seeking to break through other boroughs with teamwork and transparency.

About Prospes Real Estate

Prospes is co-owned by David Wang and Wayne Zhou, brokers who share an extensive knowledge and passion for managing properties.

Located in Downtown Flushing, Prospes Real Estate is NYC’s fastest growing real estate corporation that specializes in both residential and commercial properties. Committed to providing New Yorkers elite strategies and top-tier service, Prospes strives to meet and exceed clients’ needs whether it’s buying, selling or renting.

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