Prince of Travel Publishes “Travel During COVID-19: A Resource for Canadians.”

The Easily Searchable Guide Allows Canadian Travelers to Access Specific COVID-19 Entry Requirements for Over 100 Countries.

Vancouver, B.C. / Prince of Travel, a website dedicated to helping Canadian consumers raise their travel game, is pleased to announce the publication of “Travel During Covid-19: A Resource for Canadians.”

“Now that COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, nations around the world are once again opening their doors to visitors,” says Prince of Travel founder Ricky Zhang. “While this is an exciting time for travelers, we recognize that it’s not always easy to navigate specific entry requirements for vaccination and testing. Our COVID-19 travel resource was created to ease some of the confusion, so Canadians can get back out into the world and once again enjoy all our amazing planet has to offer.”

Visitors to “Travel During COVID-19” can use an easily searchable guide to access specific vaccine and testing requirements for entry to more than 100 countries. Ricky and his team have also prepared detailed guides on several destinations currently open to Canadian visitors, including Argentina, Morocco, Thailand, the United States’ land border, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Seychelles, France, the United Arab Emirates, and French Polynesia.

“The Prince of Travel staff will be working diligently to keep our new resource up-to-date as pandemic-era travel evolves,” Ricky continues. “We want every Canadian to explore the world with confidence, knowing they’re in compliance with their destination’s specific COVID-19 entry requirements.”

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