Planet Based Foods is Now Available to Ship Directly to Your Door

Planet Based Foods Has Made 5 of Its Delicious Hemp-Based Patty and Sausage Crumble Products Available for Home Delivery.

San Diego, CA / Planet Based Foods Global (PBFG) is proud to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, San Diego-based Planet Based Foods, Inc., now offers hemp-based, 100% vegan meat alternatives available for home delivery.

“We’re thrilled that those seeking a vegan or vegetarian option won’t ever have to settle for a ‘substitute’ again,” says Braelyn Davis, CEO of Planet Based Foods. “Each of the five hemp-based, soy-free products now available for home delivery have been tested to ensure quality and sustainability, and each is packed full of protein, fiber, and omega 3-6-9 fats.”

• Original Hemp Burger: The Original Hemp Burger stands out for its nutrition, satisfying savory taste, mouthfeel, and cooking performance.

• Green Chili Southwest Hemp Burger: Natural seasoning and fresh, zesty slices of green pepper add Southwestern flavor to the classic blend.

• Breakfast Sausage Hemp Patties: Perfectly seasoned, this breakfast sausage is hearty without the grease of traditional pork sausage.

• The Italian Hemp Crumble: Spiced with fennel and herbs, the Italian Crumble is ideal for topping pizza or folding into pasta sauces. 

• The Original Crumble: The Original Crumble adds plant-based nutrition and flavor to tacos or stir-fries.

Unlike many other purveyors of meat alternatives, Planet Based Foods has never tried to mimic meat and is more interested in evolving than recreating something from the past. The company’s H.E.M.P. Food line is HONORABLE because it’s made with sustainable ingredients. ETHICAL because it NEVER contains GMOs. MORAL because it’s not made from animals. And with up to 21 grams per serving, an excellent source of PROTEIN.

Even meat-eaters enjoy H.E.M.P Food, not because it’s a different version of something they already love, but because it’s delicious and super-satisfying all on its own.

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About Planet Based Foods

PBFG, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Planet Based Foods, Inc., is a producer of sustainable plant-based meat substitutes.

Planet Based Foods was founded in 2018 in San Diego, California, with a mission to build a better food system by providing hemp-formulated superfood products to people today that support our planet tomorrow. All Planet Based Foods products are 100% vegan.

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