PhotographyPX Hosts its First Street Photography Challenge with Leica USA

The Event, Which Took Place on February 19, 2022, was Held in Downtown Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV / PhotographyPX is pleased to announce that it recently hosted its first street photography challenge with Leica USA. The event was held in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada on February 19, 2022.

To learn more about the Leica SL2, which was one of the cameras that was used during the event, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the street photography challenge was designed to test the new Leica SL2-S, a 24-megapixel refresh to the company’s popular SL2 model, which was released in the fall of 2019. If they wished, photographers could also use the original SL2 and the Q2 Monochrome models.

In addition to receiving coaching, tips and advice on the best practices and uses with the Leica cameras, participants in the street challenge enjoyed getting helpful feedback from seasoned street photographers as well as connecting with other local talent.

“In the end, the event challenged photographers’ preconceived notions about street photography and helped empower them to continue learning the medium,” the spokesperson noted, adding that PhotographyPX’s first ever street photography challenge was definitely a success.

The fact that PhotographyPX hosted an event that was not only enjoyable but also educational and encouraging to street photographers will not surprise the many people who have used the online photography resource.

Since it launched in 2019, PhotographyPX has had one key goal: to help beginners in the photographic industry to get off to a successful and positive start.

“We’ve realized over the years that proper technique and a healthy mindset are the critical components to success in the ever-changing field of photography and visual art,” the spokesperson noted, adding that in addition to the PhotographyPX website, people are also welcome to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their YouTube Channel, which features review videos on a number of photography related products.

“Our brand not only provides tools to help you execute not only your vision but also guides you through the often ambiguous clues in the industry.”

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