Personal Trainers Business Incubator Launches New Online Education Program for Fitness Coaches

The Program is Designed to Help Personal Trainers Attract More Clients and Make More Money

Personal Trainers Business Incubator, is pleased to announce the launch of an online education program that is designed to help fitness professionals to make more money and have more of an impact in the industry.

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As a company spokesperson noted, The founders of PTBI know first hand how effective and profitable online fitness coaching can be. Many people who are taking control of their health and want to become stronger and get in better shape also like the idea of meeting with a personal trainer online, instead of in person.

This inspired the launch of Personal Trainers Business Incubator, a program that is designed to help first time coaches turn their desire to become a fitness trainer into a full-time business in three months or less.

“We put together a free training for you to learn our proven 5 step process and see what kind of results are possible for your dream business,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the training will teach the two “death traps” that new personal trainers sometimes fall for, and why avoiding them can increase their business significantly. 

“The new online program also teaches the 5 pillar process that will take new fitness coaches from inconsistent client flow to a full-time income. It will also explain the exact strategy that took a brand new student from zero income to earning over $10,000 per month in less than 90 days.” 

Even though the new online program from Personal Trainers Business Incubator was launched just recently, it is already creating quite a positive buzz with new fitness trainers who are eager to help others improve their health.

For example, the spokesperson noted, Stephanie Erbella had put off opening her own coaching business for over 2 years. After enrolling in the Personal Trainers Business Incubator program, she was able to start her own business and is already training her first client online.

About Personal Trainers Business Incubator

Personal Trainers Business Incubator is an online education program designed to help first time coaches turn their passion into a full-time business in less than 90 days. For more information, please visit 

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