Outdoor Innovations Announces the Launch of the Pathfinder Tent, a Simplified Outdoor Tent

The Pathfinder Tents are Spacious and Exceptionally Easy to Set Up

The founders of Outdoor Innovations are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Pathfinder Tent, an outdoor tent that is not only spacious, but incredibly easy to set up and use.

To learn more about Outdoor Innovations and check out their full line of products, please visit https://www.outdoorinnovations.org/.

As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of Outdoor Innovations know firsthand how fun it is to go camping in the great outdoors. While it is a wonderful pastime and great way for families to create special memories, there is one challenge: putting up the tents.

In addition to being difficult to set up, tents are also awkward to carry or can only be carried by one person, and typically offer only limited sleeping space.

To take away the stress and difficulty associated with traditional tents, the founders were inspired to create and launch the Pathfinder Tent, a simplified outdoor tent that kids, teens and adults can easily set up. The Pathfinder Tent is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

“Designed to make the use of tents effortless for everyone, including children as young as 8, the team from Outdoor Innovations has created an easy to set up Pathfinder Tent that can also be load separated for multi-person carrying and sleeps four to six adults or eight children,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the unlike most other tents, the Pathfinder has four independent walls, a mainframe and a rooftop frame.

“Suitable for scout groups, backpackers, families, friends, hunters and youth groups, the Pathfinder Tent is designed to be easy, spacious and manageable from start to finish.”

The Pathfinder Tent is also lightweight, weighing about 10 pounds. The rooftop can be removed or adjusted depending on the weather or if people want to relax in their sleeping bags while gazing up at the moonlit sky. The material of the tent is also fire retardant and smoke can easily escape through the rooftop.

The Pathfinder Tent is 6-plus feet high, so most people can easily move around inside of it. For large groups of campers, multiple Pathfinder Tents can be connected.

About Outdoor Innovations

Outdoor Innovations has one key goal in mind: to create camping products that are simple, highly functional and reliable. The team from Outdoor Innovations has more than 30 years of combined high adventure experience in scouting, experimenting and using a variety of outdoor gadgets. For more information, please visit https://www.outdoorinnovations.org/.

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