Original Published Research Supports Diabetes Reversal Program by Drs. Thomas and Stephanie Chaney

The Original Research Demonstrates the Use of Personalized Functional Medicine to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

ANNAPOLIS, MD / Drs. Thomas and Stephanie Chaney, founders of Living Health Integrative Medicine, are pleased to announce that they recently had their original research on type 2 diabetes reversal published by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine which can be found in the National Library of Medicine.

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A spokesperson noted, the published research demonstrates the use of personalized functional medicine (PFM) to reverse type 2 diabetes. The research also highlights and validates the effectiveness of Drs. Chaneys’ type 2 diabetes reversal program.

The published article, co-authored by Jama Lambert, states that there is a subgroup of patients with type 2 diabetes for whom traditional treatments simply do not work.

The patient group in the study consisted of five women and six men, age 50 to 77 years. Each patient was taking an antidiabetic medication and had reached a plateau in recovery or wanted to reduce their medication intake.

“After a thorough intake history was completed, necessary specimens were collected for analysis,” the published research noted, adding that once test results were reviewed to identify nutrient deficiencies, intestinal dysbiosis, hormone imbalances, chemical burden and food immune reactivities, a personalized plan was developed for each patient.

“Each patient was retested appropriately during treatment. Treatment lasted from 2 to 10 months based on the patients’ goals.”

To measure the effectiveness of the personalized functional medicine approach on the patients, the researchers noted any reduction in medication that the patients needed to manage their type 2 diabetes, as well as any improvements in type 2 diabetes biomarkers.

“At the end of PFM treatment, six patients were completely off T2D-related medications, and five had their doses reduced by 50%,” the published article noted, adding that diabetes biomarkers also improved; specifically, glucose decreased by an average of 78.36 mg/dL and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) was lowered by an average of 2.71%.

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