Announces Expansion of Life-Saving Organ Transplants Services

The ParaFlight division focused on providing organ procurement organizations with aerial organ transportation now offers ground transportation, a division of ParaFlight, is pleased to announce that they have expanded their life-saving organ transplants services to include ground transportation.

For more information about and the services that they offer, please visit has always provided organ procurement organizations and transplant centers with highly reliable aerial transportation of organs and transplant teams with the help of on-call corporate jets and helicopters, said founder and CEO Sim Shain. Now, with the addition of ground transportation services, can offer the most efficient transfer of life saving organs to transplant teams across the country.

“Our nationwide network of jets, helicopters and now emergency transport vehicles are always on-call, ready to transport your organ, transplant team, recipient and family members door-to-door,” Shain said, adding that each procurement at has an assigned Organ Transport Coordinator.

“The Organ Transport Coordinator will work hand in hand with your team, from the first phone call until organ acceptance in the receiving OR hospital.”

To ensure that the health system gets organs as quickly as possible, which in turn can help save the recipient’s life, also has an app that is able to communicate with aircraft operators and transplant centers in real time. This will help provide these vital organs to patients in need as quickly and efficiently as possible, a spokesperson noted.

In addition, because the team at knows that organ transplant services may be needed at any hour of the day, the company’s dispatch center is ready and waiting for calls at all times.’s highly experienced team of coordinators ensure 24/7 reliable multi-aircraft availability, quick response to requests, and aircraft holding, which in turn helps to save valuable dispatch time. Charters can be dispatched in as little as two hours, the spokesperson noted, which can ensure the quick departures that are typically required for transplant teams and other medical professionals. With 4 wheel drive SUVs equipped with emergency lights, sirens, and GPS trackers,’s coordinators  share the locations and up to the minute ETAs of the teams and life saving organs with the transplant centers and flight crews.

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Sim Shain is a flight paramedic and the CEO and founder of ParaFlight , a full-service medical and corporate air charter company. Shain is dedicated to providing clients, patients, and healthcare providers with life-saving services. is a division of ParaFlight. For more information, please visit or email

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