New Healing Self-Help Book Launches With A Truly Unique Twist

“Imagine…What’s Inside” is a 17 Chapter Book and CD Set that Uses the Power of Music to Help People Heal and Harness their Own Positive Creativity

Irvine, CA / “Imagine…What’s Inside,” an autobiographical self-help format book about healing and music, is officially launched.

To learn more about please “Imagine…What’s Inside” visit the books website.

To help write the book and accompanying CD of 17 songs, the author used some of the knowledge gained while earning her Master’s degree in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology.

The book, along with the CD of songs, are interwoven to truly bridge psychological and trauma healing with spiritual mindfulness through the spoken word and music.

This project is the first of its kind in the United States to have a book where every chapter title is the same title of a song for each of the 17 parts. The goal of “Imagine…What’s Inside” is to focus on enhancing positive creativity and imagination in one’s life and several other platforms such as caregiving, suicide prevention and understanding, anti-bullying, overcoming abuse and inner self discovery.

As a spokesperson for “Imagine…What’s Inside” noted, the goal is for readers to reflect on their own personal journeys, reminiscing and reflecting on the flow path of their lives.

“Imagine…What’s Inside” also helps people learn how not to be inhibited to sing or be creative in any way, as well as, about the concrete healing benefits of singing by individuals, including how singing does raise the immune system. The book includes interesting and relevant research by professors from the University of California Irvine on how singing can have a tangible and healing impact on immunity.

About the Author

Kyleellen has earned a Master’s degree in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology from Johnston College at the University of Redlands. She is also the author of a new book “Imagine…What’s Inside.” To learn more about Kyleellen and to sign up for the “Enhance Your Positive Creativity and Communication Challenge” and/or for a free download of her theme song “Sing Song” please visit

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