New Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard is Now Available from Dev3lop

The Software, Which is an End to End Solution for Everybody to Use, is Available at No Cost

Dev3lop, a tableau consulting services company, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the new tableau dashboard that helps users visualize Google analytics was invented out of necessity.

“When the team at Dev3lop first started blogging on,, and other websites, everybody quickly realized that their data was disappearing and that they were not tracking it collectively,” the spokesperson noted, adding that this inspired Dev3lop to begin building out a process to bring all of their data into one dashboard.

“Also, because the free reporting tools that are available are a bit limiting in terms of helping people understand their traffic collectively, the new tableau dashboard was created to allow people to see everything at once, without having to swap tabs.”

The new analytics tableau dashboard is a free download that is readily accessible to anyone who would like to use it. The Colibri end to end solution will allow people to research their end user website patterns, which in turn will help them to better understand the major search engine’s analytics properties.

The measure values used in the Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboards includes the time, in seconds, that a user spent on a particular page, as well as unique page views, which is the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. The total duration of user’s sessions, total number of sessions, and time on screen are also measured thanks to Colibri, along with other values.

Dev3lop is excited about the recent launch of the Colibri analytics tableau dashboard—which is Spanish for “hummingbird.”

“Just as the hummingbird is essential for plant reproduction and genetic diversity in the plants they help pollinate, as we improve the tableau dashboard, we will continue to release new and alternative versions to help people improve the diversity of their reporting ecosystem,” the spokesperson noted.

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