MyWhiteboards Donates $2,000 worth of Whiteboards to R.A.M.P. for Non-Verbal Patients

Shrewsbury, MA / MyWhiteboards has teamed up with the Roy Anthony Muña Project to produce 500 custom printed handheld lapboards to support the communication needs of non-verbal patients all across the States.

R.A.M.P. is focused on providing support to non-verbal hospitalized COVID-19 patients, their medical teams, and their loved ones through handheld whiteboards that are helpful tools to improve patient communication and promote mental wellness during a time when patients are separated from their caregivers/loved ones. The whiteboards are made by Mywhiteboards, a small women-owned dry-erase manufacturing team in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Katie from MyWhiteboards says, “Our relationship with Savvy Diaz and Tiara Carino, Siblings and Organizers of the Roy Anthony Muña Project began in February of 2021.” Savvy and Tiara ordered 200 custom printed lapboards that acted as communication boards for non-verbal patients hospitalized due to Covid-19. As with most Covid-19 patients, verbal communication is hampered due to their shortness of breath or in severe cases, intubation. These boards not only help Covid-19 patients communicate but also help any hospitalized patients who have trouble speaking due to other health reasons.

Savvy Diaz says, “This project was inspired by my family’s experience with my father, Roy Anthony Muña, the 82nd COVID-19 related fatality in Guam. Our experience paired with research and feedback from the nursing administrators enabled us to launch our 1st project. We created non-verbal communication boards with the reverse side being a dry erase board for patients to elaborate on their needs and thoughts to their medical team and also their family and friends. We call them R.A.M.P. Boards.”

R.A.M.P. had already donated around 400 boards to hospitals like PeaceHealth Southwest, Kaiser Permanente, Sunnyside and Westside, Nebraska Medicine, Tséhootsooí Medical Center, Guam Memorial Hospital, Guam Regional Medical City, and Oregon Health & Science University. The team at Mywhiteboards was moved by R.A.M.P.’s incredible effort to give non-verbal patients an easier hospital stay. Knowing these boards were being sent directly to the hands of a patient struggling to speak, the team at Mywhiteboards decided to deliver 200 lapboards free of charge.

“We’re so grateful for this amazing act of kindness by OptiMA (My Whiteboards)! Earlier this year, we ordered 200 R.A.M.P. Boards from this small woman-owned manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury, MA. We were very happy with the quality of the boards and thus reached out to them to order another batch of 200 boards.

Upon reaching out to them and sharing the purpose of R.A.M.P. and that we are solely donation-based, they surprised us with the news that they wanted to take care of our entire order! In times like these, when we can get overwhelmed by tragedy, we find inspiration in acts of kindness such as this.
Si yu’os ma’ase’ (Thank you ) OptiMA!!!!!” -Savvy Diaz and Tiara Carino, organizers of the Roy Anthony Muña Project

Together, Mywhiteboards and R.A.M.P. will be delivering whiteboards to Legacy Health, a nonprofit health system with six hospitals, including a children’s hospital, in Oregon and S.W. Washington. Diaz and Carino plan to continue donating these communication whiteboards to any U.S. hospitals in need. The Roy Anthony Muña Project can be found online for those interested in following or supporting their journey.

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