Martin Rust Strategic Advisory Services Inc. Announces the Launch of its Optimize the Moment™ Approach

Optimize the Moment is a Unique Business Approach that Allows Company Leaders to Make Better Decisions and Lead More Effectively

OTTAWA, CANADA/ Martin Rust Strategic Advisory Services Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Optimize the Moment™ approach.

To learn more about Optimize the Moment (OTM) and how it can help business and governmental leaders with crisis management and creating strategic plans in their organization, please visit

As Martin Rust noted, unanticipated events in geopolitics, markets and the environment can impact organizations in unforeseen ways. To weather these unexpected changes, leaders should recognize the value of making strategic business decisions that will still allow the organization to meet its goals and succeed.

Rather than rely on outdated crisis management or other strategic plans when facing unplanned situations, company leaders can utilize the Optimize the Moment approach, and adapt their strategies to the current situation.

“Optimize the Moment is completely different because it is a short-term, mission focused approach that relies on data, objective analysis, and pulling a team together to achieve specific objectives,” Rust said, adding that OTM permits leaders to make better decisions and lead more effectively, in the moment.

“This approach is critical in the context of a conflict driven world, fraught with seismic shifts in the marketplace, geopolitics, the physical environment, and our families, all of which impact our decisions and the frame through which we view our goals and expectations.”

In addition, the OTM approach will help leaders to communicate better with their team in a way that is clear and easy for everyone to understand. This improvement in communication can then help inspire the entire organization to work better together.

As Rust notes, employees typically do not see themselves as part of their organization’s strategic plan, and cannot identify how they benefit personally from the plan.

With the help of the OTM approach, employees will be placed in empowering and engaging decision-making positions to help improve effectiveness and achieve strategic plan business goals.

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Martin Rust is a strategic consultant with a proven approach to inform decision making. He works with organizations, both in Canada and around the world, often at the intersection of geopolitics and corporate goals. For more information, please visit

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