Marketico LLC Announces SalesJet, Marketing Software that Creates Sales Funnels Faster than Ever for Businesses

The innovative marketing software helps business owners to build  funnels and automation in mere minutes

Marketico LLC and its team is pleased to announce the launch of their 360 Degree marketing software ( designed to create sales funnels for business owners as quickly as possible.

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As a company spokesperson noted, SalesJet was born out of necessity, to simplify and speed up the digitalization of small businesses. 

Marketico LLC and team needed a marketing tool that would simplify and accelerate the development of their own businesses by providing tools and resources for rapidly-scaling teams and projects. Because there was not one available to meet their needs, the team created one.

Now, they want to offer their marketing software to other company owners. The software will allow users to build their own website and its pages in a matter of minutes, using either an existing template or by creating their own funnel from scratch.

They have used their platform to help over 900 businesses to expand, grow and automate.

They have built and implemented strategies for $300 million dollar companies as well as solopreneurs with one purpose in mind: making funnels faster, easier, and without complexities.

“Our team is always available to give you support. We have prepared an entire base of simple and immediate answers to common questions so that users always know what to do,” the spokesperson added.

SalesJet also offers a number of additional features and tools, including the ability to bring automation to marketing with email, SMS messages and phone calls. Users can manage the contacts they have already acquired and develop their email marketing plan through the software.

Amongst the functionalities of SalesJet people will find “TrainingJet”, a complete membership and training platform. The spokesperson noted, “this will help improve a business owner’s ability to create and sell courses, onboard customers or train staff members.”

For companies that offer courses to their customers or their own staff, the SalesJet software will allow users to create an academy for their company. Companies can use this online training resource to improve their staff’s performance and bring further value to their clients.

“We wanted to create a platform that is user-friendly, powerful, and accessible,” the company spokesperson said. “With SalesJet, we are proud to say that building sales funnels and engaging with clients has never been easier.”

About SalesJet:

SalesJet was founded by Andrea d’Agostini, Daniil Musatov and Nicole Tabs. The company is a 360 degree marketing platform that offers its users a complete portfolio of marketing and sales tools, ranging from sales funnels to automatic client messaging. They have worked with over 900 businesses and counting. For more information, please visit

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