Manage Entitlements Without Engineering Effort Using Togai’s Entitlement Management

Explore Togai’s Entitlement Solution for businesses.

San Ramon, Canada / Togai, known for its pricing, metering, and billing solutions for B2B companies, introduces its latest feature, ‘Entitlements.‘ This addition to Togai’s platform addresses usage-based pricing, providing a functional tool for businesses in the evolving SaaS market.

Co-founded by Abhishek Rajagopal, Aravind Sriraman, and Tholkappiyan Velavan, Togai uses an event-based architecture that enables businesses to implement and manage flexible pricing models. 

Having recently secured $3.1M in funding, the launch of ‘Entitlements’ emphasizes Togai’s goal to keep providing businesses with functional and flexible pricing solutions.

Explore Togai’s Entitlement Solution for businesses.

As the global SaaS market eyes a $185.8 billion valuation by 2024, this feature becomes crucial for businesses aiming to stay competitive and adapt to customer needs.

Entitlements allow businesses to offer feature-specific, on-demand access based on customer packages, eliminating the need for inflexible hard-coded logic as software evolves.

Businesses now have the power to set usage limits, map features to plans, and align entitlements with their pricing strategies, all within a single, user-friendly platform. Real-time tracking of entitlements gives customers instant, accurate, transparent control over resource use.

To illustrate the potential of this feature, an example is to, take a video conferencing platform like Zoom, where plans are differentiated based on meeting duration and number of participants.

‘Entitlements’ help platforms like Zoom auto-manage plans. If a free meeting exceeds the time limit, users get a prompt to upgrade, syncing pricing with usage for a smoother experience.
This way, ‘Entitlements’ aligns pricing with customer usage, enhancing their overall experience.

When a customer nears or reaches their limit, businesses can trigger notifications, helping customers make informed decisions regarding their plan usage, whether it’s upgrading, purchasing more, or waiting for the next billing cycle.

“Billing and pricing surfaced as the most critical challenge, leading to the inception of Togai. Now with ‘Entitlements’, we’re excited to offer even more flexibility and speed in pricing adjustments, enhancing our clients’ agility in a dynamic market.” says CEO Abhishek Rajagopal

Togai’s Entitlements enable businesses to customize feature access by plan and providing access control to specific features based on the plan chosen. The system also proactively alerts customers about nearing or hitting usage limits.

The addition of ‘Entitlements’ brings opportunities for businesses to better manage their pricing plans and serve their customers. The feature aims to support businesses in effectively serving their customers and enhancing their revenue potential. 

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Founded in 2022, India-based Togai is a B2B SaaS platform that simplifies complex pricing for businesses. Its 2023-launched ‘Entitlements’ feature gives firms total pricing control. Backed by top investors like Together Fund and Boldcap, Togai leads in B2B SaaS pricing solutions. For more info, visit

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