M&A Firm WebsiteClosers.com Announces Sale of California Beach Co.

WebsiteClosers.com Guided Their Client Through the M&A Process that Concluded in the Sale of the Company

TAMPA, FL / WebsiteClosers.com, one of the world leading M&A firms, is pleased to announce the sale of their client’s company California Beach Co. The team from WebsiteClosers guided their client through the M&A process, which resulted in a successful company sale.

The acquisition of California Beach Co. was completed by Thras.io and was purchased from Austin Wright and David Shoham The specific terms of the deal are not being disclosed due to confidentiality reasons.

Nate Lind, Business Broker and M&A Advisor with Website Closers, managed the sell-side for the transaction.

“I knew how special Austin and David’s company was on the first phone call we had. What I did not know is that we’d have 122 buyers sign an NDA, and that we’d get over a dozen LOIs and have a bidding war on our hands. I still have those buyers calling me asking for the next California Beach Co,” Lind said. 

The founders of California Beach Co. created and launched a Pop N’ Go® portable playpen, which is durable and lightweight. The founders originally teamed up with a leading manufacturer of outdoor products and launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 to help bring their portable playpen to the market.

The company has been built from the ground up as a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Brand and has a number of large-scale products that have already passed the R&D stage and are now ready for marketing and sales.

Specializing in patented kids’ playpens that also come in pet sizes and many colors, Lind said the brand has earned an average order value $135 along with a 5X YOY sales growth rate and a 10X YOY earnings growth rate.

“The process of listing with Website Closers was very easy, and I felt supported all the way through it,” said Austin Wright, Co-Owner of California Beach Co.

“First, the valuation of our business was way, way higher than anything I had gotten before or even thought possible. They really go the extra mile with listing, too— they included thorough, well-written descriptions, and regular emails out to their enormous list of vetted buyers.”

Wright said he is definitely pleased with his decision to work with Website Closers, which is a ranking top marketplace among lower middle market M&A firms.

“I know Nate did a lot of work behind the scenes with talking to buyers and bringing us only the best ones. I was confident and comfortable through the entire process with Nate, and in the end we got a crackin’ deal. Website Closers really is the ‘big fish’ in the ecommerce brokerage world, and they are worth every penny,” Wright said.

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