LUVO Announces Stunning Updates To Its Meditation and Mental Wellness App

LUVO is a comprehensive app designed to help users achieve inner peace through guided meditations and mindfulness exercises. The new live session feature provides additional support and further enhances the user experience.

Ripon, WI / Sanjib Nandi, founder of LUVO LLC has recently announced a live session feature will be added to Luvo’s next-generation meditation and mindfulness coaching app, “LUVO Calming Guided Meditation.” LUVO offers a wide variety of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, activity tracking, and relaxing music, supplying individuals with everything they need to start their journey to mindfulness. With the update, the app will also supply live sessions for meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and gratitude and meditation music. 

Nandi and his team at LUVO believe meditation is a powerful tool that can help people improve their overall well-being, and the new addition to the app will serve as a helpful resource for people looking to live healthier and happier lives.

The Origin of LUVO

Before founding LUVO, Sanjib Nandi lived with utter dissatisfaction in his life. Through meditation and mindfulness, he rebuilt himself and realized mental wellness was essential to a healthy, fulfilling life. Eager to share with others what he had discovered, he wrote “The Man with Zero Talent,” a book in which he recorded his journey toward inner peace and positivity. Feeling there was still more he could do, he created LUVO to help people achieve a sense of peace, relaxation, and focus in their lives. The app is made to offer both guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that users can access anywhere, anytime.

How LUVO Is Changing The Industry

Utilizing innovation, LUVO’s app is equipped with tools backed by scientific research. Meditation and mindfulness have been known to improve mental health and well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, boosting emotional intelligence, and improving focus and attention. Other benefits have been shown to include improved sleep, reduced symptoms of depression, and increased overall happiness. 

A specific example of the innovation at LUVO is the vibration tool offered on the app. Through sound waves and haptic vibrations, individuals can benefit from research-backed vibration therapy to reduce pain and lower anxiety. LUVO is designed to help users experience many scientifically proven benefits of improved mental wellness, all at the consumer’s convenience.

List of Features for the LUVO App

LUVO comes with a variety of features, including guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, activity tracking, and relaxing music. Chakra balance meditation, a well-being monitor, and a self-care feature are also included to provide users with the best experience possible. 

Adding to its number of features, LUVO has started doing live sessions for meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and gratitude and meditation music. Users can now participate in group meditations with LUVO coaching, which will guide them through various techniques and exercises. Through these sessions, users are enabled to feel more connected and supported in their mindfulness journey. With everything it has to offer, LUVO has established itself as an all-in-one app to help users achieve a sense of calm and inner peace.


LUVO is an essential app for anyone looking to improve their mental health and overall sense of well-being. The application’s features, guided meditations, and mindfulness exercises make it easy, convenient, and accessible for anyone to initiate their mindfulness journey. The addition of live sessions will allow users to feel connected to a community and have support in their meditation experience. It is no surprise that LUVO is gaining popularity and setting a new standard for meditation and mindfulness apps.


Sanjib Nandi, CEO of LUVO, has launched a next-generation meditation and wellness app based on scientific research on vibrational frequencies, potentially leading to benefits for health and mind. With unique features such as sound waves and haptic vibrations adjusted to the user’s chosen meditation exercise, the app also connects meditation with other habits that reinforce the positive effects of mindfulness, such as exercise, water intake, quality sleep, gratitude, and energy control, to offer a holistic approach to well-being.

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