Living Health Integrative Medicine Adds HOCATT to its Treatment Options

HOCATT is a Device that is Designed to Benefit the Body in a Number of Ways, Including Detoxification and Immune Support

ANNAPOLIS, MD / Living Health Integrative Medicine is pleased to announce that they have added HOCATT to their lineup of treatment options.

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As a spokesperson noted, Living Health Integrative Medicine is now the only medical office in Maryland that offers the innovative HOCATT treatment.

“The HOCATT device was developed for one key purpose—strategic wellness and vitality,” the spokesperson noted, adding that HOCATT offers a holistic approach, and uses a combination of powerful and natural technologies that may help with detoxification, immune support and enhanced circulation.

“Many patients report that the HOCATT also helps increase energy and losing weight. It is currently the only device that works on all major systems in the body at once.”

More specifically, unlike other technologies like cryotherapy and hyperbaric chambers that only deliver one modality, the HOCATT was developed to offer 10 technologies at the same time. These technologies include transdermal ozone, whole body hyperthermia, carbonic acid, far infrared, frequency specific microcurrents, light therapy, essential oil infusion, passive exercise with oxygen breathing and high-intensity pulsed electro-magnetic fields.

People spend just 30 minutes inside the HOCATT device, instead of hours using a variety of other technologies and devices.

Each of the therapies is designed to help with specific health related issues, the spokesperson noted. For example, transdermal ozone may help to inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi while also reducing pain and calming the nerves. The whole-body hyperthermia experience can help the body’s white blood cells to increase in volume and activity, as well as helping people to recover more quickly after exercise.

“The combined technologies used in the HOCATT device have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific consideration,” the spokesperson noted.

The fact that Living Health Integrative Medicine would offer such an inventive device like the HOCATT will not surprise the many people who have worked with Drs. Stephanie and Tom Chaney and their staff at the wellness office.

Since it opened in 2001, Living Health Integrative Medicine has earned a well-deserved reputation for being on the lookout for the latest and most helpful and holistic approaches to health.

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