Legacy Tree Company Helps Corrales Citizens with Tree Health

Tree Service Company Spends Arbor Day Educating the Public About Parasitic Mistletoe

Albuquerque, NM / There wouldn’t be a more suitable way for a tree service company to spend Arbor Day than educating the public on how to take care of the trees in a drought-stressed environment. Anyone in Corrales, New Mexico, knows that the threat of mistletoe to the stately cottonwoods is a significant concern. So Legacy Tree Company put on a free public demonstration, showing how they remove the parasitic plant at La Entrada Park, right next to the Corrales Library.

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While mistletoe is a native species, the ongoing drought in Corrales and much of New Mexico has created an environment where mistletoe is now taking over cottonwood trees. The massive cottonwoods are a source of pride for the town of Corrales, and their prevalence in the Bosque is iconic. To lose them to mistletoe would be a tragedy. Legacy Tree Company owner, Harrison O’Connor explained,

“Everything is so drought-stressed, and we’re seeing the ramifications of chronic drought. We wanted to show the community tree climbing techniques professionals can use to help mitigate mistletoe to help maintain the health of their trees.”

The event gathered a good crowd. The Legacy team served coffee and bagels and performed the climbing and pruning demonstration. They focused on mechanical control as the most effective method to control and prevent the spread of mistletoe. Sales technician, Kayla Bryant, shared,

“[ISA Certified Arborists] Harrison O’Connor and Aaron Bumgarner were both up in the tree identifying in real-time the best pruning cuts, actually removing the mistletoe and bringing it down to all of us on the ground to get a closer look.”

Bryant also shared that Legacy Tree Company is so grateful to be working with the citizens of Corrales to protect one of their most valuable assets.

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