Leader Term Launches a New Machine-Learning Leadership Career Matching App for its Smart Platform

The New App Was Designed to Improve the Process of Senior Leadership Career Planning

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / Leader Term is pleased to announce the launch of its new machine-learning leadership career matching app for its smart platform.

To search the exclusive jobs that are currently posted on the Leader Term website, please visit https://leaderterm.com/job-search.

As Michelle Adams, Head of Research noted, Leader Term provides an intelligent leadership platform for employment opportunities. The platform’s insight characterizes these employment opportunities through machine learning algorithms for effectively matching business leaders with companies.

“Leader Term fills an important gap in the senior leadership career market,” Adams said.

“When it comes to their time, senior business leaders face significant opportunity costs, and Leader Term provides a cohesive industry-leading solution for them to manage their careers and find opportunities with the help of industry experts.”

The new Leader Term app aims to improve the process of senior leadership career planning. Leader Term’s platform can assist business leaders in finding and preparing for leadership roles that are not publicly available by using intelligent machine learning algorithms.

Providing business leaders with a toolkit to effectively and efficiently execute their career planning is at least twice as effective as doing all career planning work individually. Leader Term provides its core users with greater ownership of the positions currently available in the market. Leader Term has successfully bridged the gap between hiring insiders, business leaders, and senior executive recruiters.

As a company spokesperson noted, conducting thorough and competency-based assessments on job candidates is a crucial part of the executive search process, so candidates should do whatever they can to prepare.

Also, the spokesperson noted, senior leadership hiring has become a regressive sector and hasn’t been able to innovate fast enough for the growing needs of companies and business leaders who want to grow and bring value to the business world.

“We see Leader Term at the intersection of machine learning and leadership hiring, which is a $100+ billion market ripe for innovation, via an unconventional technology that securely and safely brings the best leaders and the strongest companies together,” the spokesperson noted.

About Leader Term

Since its inception, the Leader Term user base has rapidly expanded to include senior executives, board members, vice presidents, and directors from 75% of the Fortune 500 and 83% of the world’s most prominent start-ups. The company’s goal is to democratize leadership positions so that the best business leaders can access them. The positions available on Leader Term are provided by employers and intelligent algorithms, along with hiring contact information so business leaders can meet in person. Leader Term is entirely free to join. To join right now, go here.

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