Kyuramen Expansions Continue In NYC

Kyuramen, an innovative and fast-growing Japanese ramen restaurant, to add Bayside and Brooklyn locations among many others.

New York, NY / A bowl of ramen is sustenance, friendship, and most importantly, a display of comfort. Kyuramen, a local and highly popularized ramen restaurant, announces expansions in Bayside and Brooklyn. Their mission is to bring the comfort of ramen to New Yorkers far and wide by sharing their signature rich and flavorful 18-hour slow-cooked broth.

Founder Gary Lin’s dedication for ramen runs deep, from traveling to Japan to study the art of ramen to bringing it to US customers with affordability for the everyday diner.

All ramen at Kyuramen is carefully and passionately crafted by a ramen master, using ingredients such as expertly prepared chashu, tender wavy or straight noodles, and exquisite black garlic with no additives. From vegetarian dishes to the legendary pork chashu, Kyuramen provides a diverse and unforgettable ramen experience for everyone.

Established in 2014, there are currently two iconic Kyuramen locations in the New York metropolitan area. With the upcoming expansion to Bayside, Queens and Park Slope, Brooklyn, the warm rich taste of Kyuramen will be easier to access than ever before.

Kyuramen has 18 additional locations currently under construction and hopes to establish 15 more locations by the end of this year: “Every month we have new locations opening,” said Founder Gary Lin “We are trying to double the number of locations every year. We will go from 25, 50, 100, 200 to 400 locations.”

Kyuramen’s interior emphasizes traditional Japanese design principles and natural accents while maintaining a decidedly contemporary touch. Their Bayside location features all-new bee-hive seating as a particular focal point, which offers diners a stylish and intimate vantage over their sleek wooden-style restaurant.

With expertly trained staff and a diverse menu option, Kyuramen is beyond anything ever seen in the industry. Providing high-quality dishes at everyday prices, the traditional Japanese ramen restaurant reinvents what it means to cook and serve the iconic dish.

About Kyuramen

Kyuramen is a traditional Japanese ramen restaurant. The name Kyuramen comes from the Japanese word for “nine” or “Kyu” making nine ramen flavors the foundation of Kyuramen’s menu. The expansive menu includes a range of Japanese dishes including our famous omurice and rice burger.

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