Johnstone Supply and Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Team Up to Help a Single Mom

Donated AC Unit and Labor Allow Single Mom to Get a Cool Home in the Middle of Albuquerque Summer

Albuquerque, NM / Bosque Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has always focused on ways they can give back to the community. But this past August, a few Bosque employees and the HVAC supplier, Johnstone Supply, really went over the top to take care of a single mother in their Albuquerque, NM community.

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It all began on a hot August day when a team from Bosque was called out to do an estimate for a woman named Diana in Albuquerque. When they got there, the team got up on the roof to do an inspection, and JT Armenta shared,

“I found out that the unit had been unplugged, and they had given her a proposal for a couple of thousand dollars to redo the unit. The unit did need to be replaced, but I plugged it in, I did a check on it, and we were able to get it rolling.”

Armenta had a plan to help Diana, but he knew he would need a few different people to agree with his plan to make it happen. Armenta explained,

“I talked to my rep, David Marcos, over at Johnstone, and I told him I needed a unit. He proceeded to call me back 10 minutes later and said that for a special reason, they could donate a unit to her.”

With a new AC unit for Diana on the way, Armenta got permission for Bosque’s owner, Carlos Griego, to ask if anyone from the Bosque team would be able to donate their time to install the unit. And shortly after, with a full crew, Bosque was able to install the unit, haul off the old one, and get Diana’s home to a nice cool temperature once again.

It’s certainly nice to know that kindness is still alive and well when one looks for it, and with the generous crews at Bosque and Johnstone Supply, they were able to make someone’s day, and certainly the rest of their summer!

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