IRE NZ Releases Property Management Software Website in New Zealand


IRE NZ’s Comprehensive Property Software Features All of the Tools Needed to Run a Successful Property Management Business in New Zealand

RICHMOND, NEW ZEALAND / IRE New Zealand, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which showcases digital solutions for property professionals in New Zealand. Sales and property managers are welcome to book a free demo of their Property Management Software on the NZ site.

An IRE NZ company spokesperson noted that IRE’s new Property Management Software is comprehensive and includes all the tools needed to run a successful Property Management business in NZ. These solutions include:

  • Enquiry Management Software, which puts property managers back in control with automated communications, 24/7 bookings and customisable calendars.
  • IRE BDM will help property managers and BDMs win new business with less effort by generating leads and analysing performance.
  • KeyWhere is an innovative key management solution that helps users keep track of their keys in real-time and enjoy easy checkouts, automated alerts, and live status updates.

“We understand that running a business takes precedence over growing a business, which is why we created an Enquiry Management System for NZ that basically runs itself,” the spokesperson noted, adding that thanks to the innovative new Property Management Software, property professionals can now get access to a user-friendly and intuitive digital solution.

“Also, we’ve got you covered when it comes to nurturing your new leads. Our email delay feature stops overzealous agents coming on too strong while pre-populated newsletter templates help you stay in touch with useful content.”

Thanks to the automated status change alerts, property professionals will easily know exactly where a prospective customer is in the conversion funnel.

To learn more about IRE NZ’s Property Management Software and its key management system for real estate features, please visit the new website.

About IRE New Zealand

In 2011, former agency owner Andrew Reece and software engineer Mike van Raders set out to transform the industry. Armed with valuable property know-how and some serious engineering chops, the pair got to work building a powerful digital platform that is now used by thousands of customers around the world. Today, IRE works with leading sales and property managers to help them streamline their operations and grow their businesses. Every day, their users rely on IRE software to automate property enquiries, streamline communications, manage viewings, process tenancy applications, and more. For more information, please visit

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