IRE Announces Social Housing Management Software Rollout in the UK


The Cloud-Based Software Was Created for One of the Top 5 Social Housing Providers in the United Kingdom

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM / IRE UK is pleased to announce that they recently completed a cloud-based Social Housing Management Software UK rollout for one of the top five social housing providers in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about the new Social Housing Software and its many innovative features, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the new Social Housing Management Software solution has significantly streamlined previously manual functions in the letting process, as well as removed the need for a number of legacy unconnected software.

“We understand that the needs of Social Housing Management are traditionally tipped on the head from high street agencies’ needs,” the spokesperson noted, adding that social housing involves fitting the person and their need and circumstance to suitable properties.

“In most cases, speed of connecting people to housing is critical, and our UK Letting Agency Software can do just that.”

For over a decade, IRE UK has developed letting solutions software for over 3,000 agencies, including Estate Agent Software, Letting Agent Software and Diary & Enquiry Management Software. From the beginning, their approach has always been to be highly flexible in order to suit the needs of their valued clients, rather than being an out of the box solution. The friendly and experienced team at IRE UK also truly enjoys finding new ways to automate processes to allow people to interact with people.

For example, for busy social housing management professionals who may have challenges keeping track of all of their keys, IRE UK’s new key management solution for real estate software allows people to keep track of their keys in real-time.

Also, the IRE UK platform puts people back in control of their schedules, thanks to automated communications to respond, follow up, qualify, and book viewings.

“IRE UK solutions can be a single view platform with everything included or highly modular components that interact by API with your other software,” the spokesperson noted.

About IRE UK

IRE UK works with leading sales and lettings departments to help them streamline their operations and grow their businesses. Every day, their users rely on IRE UK software to automate property enquiries, streamline communications, manage viewings, process tenancy applications, and more. For anybody who is looking to optimise their agency’s workflow, IRE UK can help. For more information, please visit their website.

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