Introducing Relaxx, an App that is Designed to Help People Stay Calm and Sleep Well

Relaxx is a Portable Companion for Peace, Happiness and Success

The team from Relaxx is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative Relaxx app, which is designed to help people experience the pleasures of life’s energy to stay calm and sleep well.

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As a company spokesperson noted, Relaxx is an advanced meditation app that provides guided and unguided meditation routines that will help people to figuratively turn off their brains and escape the world for a few minutes each day. 

The app strives to create an individualized experience for users, where people can learn the art of intermittent silence. The Relaxx app is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the Indiegogo crowd funding website. 

“While this action might not seem significant at first, you will begin to notice a difference in the way you see the world and how others see you,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the app is also meant to help people learn to manage energy and start “high energy living.”

“The Relaxx App encourages people to practice daily, preferably at the same time and in the same location. The goal is to train the brain to enter a peaceful state, so times of chaos become more manageable, in silence.”

From young adults and busy students to professionals, yoga enthusiasts, teachers, health care workers and many others, the Relaxx app is ideal for anyone who is looking for inner peace.

While the Relaxx app probably won’t replace a conventional Guru, it is designed to help provide a personalized experience for each user. Once people master intermittent silence, they can then choose from one of several meditation techniques to practice.

As people use the Relaxx app, progression should begin to take place and they will begin to experience the benefits of achieving mindful silence.

“With meditation, you can release anxiety, discomfort, discord and stress as well as move ahead in life with greater purpose and achievement,” the spokesperson noted.

About Relaxx

The mission of Relaxx is to create the most compelling, universally available platform for the practice of intermittent silence, meditation and consciousness. Relaxx is launching the Relaxx app, an advanced meditation app that guides people through the practice of mindfulness, intermittent silence and meditation. For more information, please visit

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