Ignite Publishing Announces the Launch of a New Book “Ignite the Hunger in You”

The Book Features Stories from 37 Authors Who Share What Ignited Their Own Figurative Hunger and Helped Propel Them to Greatness

Ignite Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of a new book on December 6, 2021 titled “Ignite the Hunger in You: How to Develop Your Greatness and Ignite Humanity.”

To learn more about the book, which was co-authored by publisher JB Owen and speaker Les Brown and is available on Amazon, please check out https://www.amazon.com/Ignite-Hunger-You-Greatness-Humanity-ebook/dp/B09GWBHXC9.

As a company spokesperson noted, the co-authors have joined with 35 other writers to create a book that is filled with inspiration, encouragement and transformation.

“The many amazing stories in this book will move you from where you are in life to where you want to be. Enjoy the real-life, heartfelt accounts of individuals just like you, igniting a hunger that propelled them forward to discover their true greatness,” the spokesperson noted adding that readers can use the book as a helpful tool that can inspire them to find their dreams and passions in life.

Each story focuses on how to go about igniting one’s inner hunger in a way that is motivational, positive and uplifting. and is meant to inspire, motivate, and uplift readers. Every chapter ends with actionable advice that readers can use to make tangible changes in their lives.

People who purchase the new book, either from Amazon or the Ignite Publishing website, will not only be encouraged by its many positive stories, they will also help to support the Possibilities School of Hope Initiative. Proceeds from the book will go to support the building of a school in Cambodia that will provide impoverished students with an education.

The Ignite Possibilities School of Hope Initiative was started with the goal of raising $35,000 to pay for the building of a school in Cambodia, the spokesperson noted.

“Each dollar donated equals one brick in the School of Hope. Ignite Publishing’s hope is that the book will be able to generate even more awareness and funds for their charity initiative.”

About the Authors:

JB Owen, the CEO of Ignite Publishing, is often referred to as The Pink Billionaire because she fuses bold business with a feminine flair. She helps female entrepreneurs become fearless and fabulous while infusing fun and femininity into their own phenomenal success. She was recently featured in Forbes for her work on her new book. Les Brown is a motivational speaker known for his powerful messages. For more information, please visit https://igniteyou.life.

Media Contact:

Jb Owen