Fusion Restaurant HOLU is First in Chicago to Serve Rare Iberico Spain Pork

HOLU is Making Strides in Chicago’s Barbeque Industry by Appreciating Simple Ingredients and Collecting Limited Specialties.

Chicago, IL / The Windy City has gained a trailblazing Asian prime steakhouse in its East Pilson neighborhood. Founded on the idea of international friendship, HOLU works to both elevate the luxury dining experience through exceptional meats and show the powerful effects of connecting cultures through cuisine.

As the first restaurant in Chicago to offer Iberico Spain Pork — one of the world’s rarest meats — HOLU is integrating traditions through a carnival display of proteins. Iberico is known for being nutty in flavor and is one of the richest meats one can find, even in a bustling city like Chicago. From Japanese Kobe Wagyu beef to Australian filets and imported sea urchin, HOLU provides more than just the traditional American steak cuts.

Established in 2020, HOLU aims to delight guests with its warm atmosphere and romantic interior. Like the logo’s circular flame suggests, the restaurant is heating up Chicago’s barbeque industry by expanding common notions about American steakhouses.

“Holu has already broken so many barriers as a fusion steakhouse and I’m glad my restaurant will flourish in the same city that I grew up in,” Founder Jason Song says. “We have world class Iberico, some of the rarest whiskeys from around the globe, and an incredible team of chefs that prepare everything to customer specifications. I aspire to absorb culture and unleash it in a carnival of flavor.”

With the original steak and seafood flavors prioritized, the chef team does not rely on recipes or marinades that overpower dishes. Instead, they throw their entire focus on sourcing premium, whole, ingredients and work to prepare them with natural grilling methods. With their in-house dry-aging room and ceramic charcoal smokeless grills at every table, HOLU ensures measured quality and personalized preference in every bite.

With Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French influences on the menu, HOLU is reinterpreting what it means to be a luxury fusion establishment.

For more information please visit https://www.holuchicago.com/

About HOLU

HOLU is an Asian fusion restaurant that seeks to find and perfect the dynamic combination of Asian barbeque, classic American steak, and rare spirits. Founded in 2020 and stationed in Chicago, HOLU aspires to reinterpret the mysteries behind delicately crafted cuisines.

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