FST Investments Announces New FST Business Blueprint for Sole Proprietors

New blueprint meant to help sole proprietors become successful business owners

Los Angeles, CA / FST Investments is pleased to announce new services in guiding those who wish to become their own employer because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a direct result of the ‘Great Resignation’, with a focus on how to structure a business and save on taxes.

FST Investments are expanding their portfolio in providing tax services for burgeoning businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking to turn their side hustles into proper businesses.

At FST Investments, the company focuses on individual and corporate tax preparation, while assisting small business owners, by offering services, tips and resources to help them find success and scale their brands. Additionally, businesses will find support in how to expand too.

The company conducts tax business focusing on self-employed professionals who are oftentimes unaware of how much they are actually overpaying for services.

For business owners who are ready to take advantage of all that FST Investments has to offer, schedule a free consultation at https://www.fstinvestments.com/

About FST Investments

FST Investments is a small business consultant company that helps sole proprietors become successful business owners. The company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs save on taxes and build their businesses with a firm foundation. Interested in more? To schedule a free consultation, please visit https://www.fstinvestments.com/

About The Founder

Nina Luke is a veteran tax expert with over 15 years of experience. At one point, Luke was a single mother who couldn’t afford daycare, but propelled herself into a success story after taking initiative to overcome failure and become a tax expert to provide for her family. She now has extensive experience in helping businesses and companies build financial profiles that allow them to thrive in their respective industries.

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