Flesh and Blood Will Crown a Champion in its Most Anticipated Event of 2021

Join the Flesh and Blood Community for the Event of the Year. Compete in matches, win prizes, and meet lifelong friends all while playing Flesh and Blood.

Las Vegas, NV / This September, thousands of people will test their Flesh and Blood (FAB) knowledge and skills at the Calling: Las Vegas. The three-day celebration, starting on September 10th and ending on September 12th, brings together FAB players from all around the country to crown a Las Vegas Calling Champion.

Legend Story Studios have partnered with ChannelFireball to run the Calling: Las Vegas, the largest gathering of FAB collectors and cards to date. With over a decade of experience running large-scale TCG events, any fan is guaranteed to have the time of their life.

At this exclusive event, players can compete against one another, interact with FAB’s vibrant community, win prizes, shop vendors and witness the world premiere of the newest stand-alone set: Tales of Aria.

On Friday, September 10th, fans will experience the highly anticipated Tales of Aria set before anyone else in the world. Tales of Aria is designed to support sealed deck, booster draft and constructed play. It includes three new heroes with all-new mechanics to explore the land of Aria with.

For players, the Calling will be the first major Flesh and Blood tournament in the United States since 2019 — a must-visit for any devoted FAB fan. At the event, players will have the opportunity to interact with other FAB fans in person for the first time in over a year. While there, enthusiasts can meet their favorite YouTube stars and Discord users, play alongside the country’s top competitive players, and finally gather collectively in the flesh and blood.

Players will have a chance to compete for $10,000 in cash prizes, earn invitations
to the $1M Pro Play 2022 series including the Pro Tour and World Championship. However, most importantly, fans will have the opportunity to win the exclusive “Gold-Foil” promotional cards that are available only to winners and top 8 finalists at the Calling. The first-place prize includes a special Gold-Foil Fyendal’s Spring Tunic. With less than 50 in existence, this sought-after prize is truly a collector’s dream.

Even if players don’t make it to the top 8, there are still prizes to be won, more matches to be played, and side events to participate in. Draft, sealed and constructed tournaments are scheduled in addition to the main event. Fans will have the opportunity to win booster products, accessories and special promotional materials only available at Calling events.

For those seeking that elusive final piece of their collection, they will surely find it in Las Vegas. There will be boxes upon boxes of First Edition Tales of Aria opened and every Cold Foil you can imagine available from industry-leading vendors. For any serious collector, the Calling is an opportunity of a lifetime.

This event plans to bring together FAB fans in the best way possible – spending time with one another and playing matches. FAB enthusiasts from everywhere will finally get the chance to play FAB the way it was meant to be played, in the flesh and blood.

About Legend Story Studios
Legend Story Studios is an independent game design and publishing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. They design and publish Flesh and Blood trading card game, which spent seven years in development before its worldwide debut in October 2019. Flesh and Blood challenges many fundamental laws of TCG design through a unique resource system and innovative combat dynamic, that has players engaged in full-powered combat from the first turn of the game and wearing down as the battle progresses. Flesh and Blood fans are equipping their heroes to fight in face-to-face competitions in over 30 countries around the world.

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