Family First Life Entourage Launches New Agent Hub that Helps Train New Life Insurance Agents

Thanks to the New Agent Hub, Family First Life Entourage Will Be Able to Mentor More Life Insurance Agents Than Ever

The founder of Family First Life Entourage, a life insurance brokerage, is pleased to announce the launch of a New Agent Hub that is designed to train new life insurance agents and teach them everything they need to know to be successful. 

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As a company spokesperson noted, the founder knows that it can be challenging for new life insurance agents to get started in the industry. 

This knowledge, along with the goal of being the number one mentor and leader in the life insurance industry, inspired Family First Life Entourage to create and launch the New Agent Hub, which is designed to help new FFL agents earn a great income in their first year. 

“For new agents, Family First Life Entourage will pay for their license if they need one, and then the New Agent Hub will teach them on how they can get started quickly in their new career,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the founder is looking forward to growing his team and helping agents who are ready to be successful.

The first step, the spokesperson noted, is for new FFL agents to get connected with the company on a variety of social media platforms, as well as start signing up for weekly training calls.

Next, new agents will take part in the Family First Life Training, which is taught by some of the top FFL agents. Topics will include how to adopt a positive mindset that will lead to success, phone scripts that new agents can use in their new career, how to handle objections, training on the various life insurance products that are available and mortgage protection.

The New Agent Hub also covers the important documents that agents will need while they are working; agents can print them out directly from the hub and then keep them in a binder. The hub also features a number of helpful guides, including a new client worksheet and much more.

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