DIVISA Announces the Expansion of its Legacy Program Demand Generation


Demand Generation is an Innovative and Effective Sales-Focused Solution for High-Performing Direct-to-Consumer Fashion, Beauty and Consumer Product Brands

LOS ANGELES, CA / DIVISA, a digital growth agency, is pleased to announce the expansion of its legacy program Demand Generation.


To learn more about DIVISA and the recently expanded Demand Generation (Demand Gen) program, please visit https://www.wearedivisa.com/divisa-leading-the-way-in-demand-generation-for-high-growth-ecommerce-brands/.

DIVISA Demand Gen is the ultimate sales-focused solution for high-performing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) fashion, beauty and consumer product brands that aspire to scale their businesses to greater heights.

The program caters specifically to companies generating annual online revenues in the vicinity of $1M to $500M, with a keen focus on customer acquisition, retention, revenue scaling, and market expansion strategies.

As Dieter Hsiao from DIVISA noted, there are three key reasons why DTC brands should embrace the expanded Demand Gen program.

“First, the right strategy can make all the difference in expanding your customer base. With DIVISA Demand Gen, brands can leverage our data-driven approach and cutting-edge Business Intelligence technology, including AI and Machine Learning, to drive revenue growth this Q4,” he said.

“If you’re a DTC brand aiming for exponential growth, you’ve come to the right place.”

Second, the program is designed to help optimize a brand’s conversion rate—just in time for the holidays.

“This holiday season, don’t let sales friction stand in the way of your success. Optimize your online store with DIVISA Demand Gen and remove any barriers to purchase. Elevate your brand’s performance and make this holiday season a record-breaking one,” Hsiao said.

Finally, the expanded DIVISA Demand Gen program can help DTC businesses to elevate their brands to new heights by developing and launching proven and powerful advertising campaigns. With DIVISA Demand Gen, they can optimize their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and lower their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

“Harness the power of our cutting-edge Business Intelligence technology to maximize revenue generation and scale your brand,” Hsiao said.


DIVISA is a premier Digital Growth Agency, providing strategic, advisory and growth consulting for Direct-to-Fashion, Beauty and Consumer Product industries (B2B and B2C). DIVISA offers end-to-end marketing technology solutions and the digital business insights necessary to help brands gain greater digital presence, grow and scale their businesses. DIVISA works with clients on Branding Strategy, E-Commerce Development, E-commerce Revenue Generation, Business Insights & Analytics, Market Research, Digital Marketing (Search, Social, Influencer, and Media Buying), Logistics, USA/Emerging/Global Market Entry and Omnichannel Solutions. For more information, please visit https://www.wearedivisa.com/.

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Dieter Hsiao
Los Angeles, CA