Direct-to-Fan NFT Social Network Momento Announces New Partnership with Dapper Labs

LOS ANGELES / Momento, the first direct-to-fan non-fungible-token (NFT) social network that allows fans and collectors to own the best moments from content creators, announced today they have teamed up with Dapper Labs to launch celebrity and influencer NFT collections.

NFTs represent real-world assets like video, audio, or pieces of artwork. These unique and rare digital items are created on the blockchain and have an immediate monetary value.

“This is the first time direct-to-fan NFTs have been widely available to fans,” said Momento founder and CEO Julian Rodriguez. “This signals a welcome shift in how much access fans can have with creators and their content, and what utility NFTs will have in the long term for the creator community.”

Momento was founded for a single purpose: to provide content creators the opportunity and ability to monetize their work and ensure their fans are able to own a piece of the moments they create. Rodriguez said he feels this partnership with Dapper Labs not only aligns with the Momento mission but enhances it.

“We’re proud to be building the platform that will set the standard for launching and creating NFTs. We are very excited to be building and defining web 3.0.”

About Momento

Momento is a direct-to-fan NFT social network that allows fans and collectors to own the best moments of content creators. They have just announced their new partnership with Dapper Labs, the official NFT of the NBA. Be among the first to create or own your own NFT moment here:

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