Dev3lop Launches the First Node.js Cross Platform Desktop Task Scheduler

The Canopys Task Scheduler from Dev3lop is Exceptionally Intuitive and User-Friendly

AUSTIN, TX / Dev3lop, a consulting services and software company based out of Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce that they have launched the first ever cross platform desktop task scheduler.

To learn more about Dev3lop and their products and services, visit their task scheduler page.

As a company spokesperson noted, Dev3lop is proud to offer a task schedule alternative to traditional options. Unlike other task schedulers that are complicated, tedious, and/or confusing to use, the Canopys task schedule software is built using modern frameworks, open source, easy to comprehend across any audience and incredibly flexible compared to alternatives. Using modern frameworks allows the Canopys team to be able to offer features not available in today’s task scheduling software alternatives; like the ability for Canopys to be used on more than one operating systems. 

“At Dev3lop, we are excited to have created the first nodejs task scheduler desktop tool with future solutions being built in the same desktop installer,” the spokesperson noted, adding that they are striving to change the “multiple tools and people needed to generate analytics” scenario from being a siloed and difficult to complete, to something that is easy to use, and not requiring a computer science degree to utilize efficiently.

“For people who enjoy easy automation tools, they can use the Canopys Task Scheduler to begin building automation for any task, executable script, or complex workflow on any operating system. Now anyone can easily manage their automation using VR friendly productivity tools, like the task list which includes the ability to sort, edit, delete, and run your scripts, and we also included a custom log output within the same task scheduler, which enables you to test your scripts and get immediate feedback into your console logs. Enabling analysts and engineers the ability to begin troubleshooting their automated scripts as needed.”

The cross platform desktop task scheduler also allows users to quickly deploy a script and schedule new tasks across every team member in their company. This will not only reduce the need for manual processes but also help to lower costs, and reduce inefficiencies with the task scheduling process.

“Users can easily organize scripts, tasks, and schedules visually with Canopys Task Scheduler. Visual learners will enjoy the calendar view, and a task view is ideal for a simple sortable table,” the spokesperson noted.

Dev3lop is also devoted to constantly updating and improving their products and services. For instance, the team is currently working on a data hub that will pipe CSV and JSON data files into data visualizations automatically, and will offer an easy alternative to more in depth and complicated data visualization products.

About Dev3lop is a consulting services and software company based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their clients across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys, as well as a new advanced analytics consulting service. For more information, please visit the LinkedIn page at or visit the company website at

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