Dev3lop, a Tableau Consulting Services Company, Learns that 93.40% of its Revenue is from Repeat Business

After Carefully Reviewing their Client and Income Data, the Team from Dev3lop Was Pleased to Learn that Clients are Returning in Record Numbers

AUSTIN, TX / Dev3lop, a consulting services and software company based out of Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce that, after carefully reviewing their data, they have found that 93.40% of their revenue comes from repeat business.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the reason that Dev3lop is experiencing such a high level of repeat business is because they not taking on more than two to three clients at once, increased the retainer requirements, and started offering more services to existing tableau consulting clients.

“When we tried scaling up clients beyond what we can manage we found our largest clients suffered during these times, and we would lose clients,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the team from Dev3lop realized they needed to take a hard look at what was working and what was not.

“Our staff found client engagements under 40 hours were leading to no repeat business, so we decided that we needed to transition away from small engagements. Since shifting away from small ad hoc engagements we found we are able to focus better on large strategic data product engagements which enables us the ability to offer them more than tableau consulting services.”

While Dev3lop is not doing away with engagements that are less than 40 hours, they have become more selective in who they are able to work with, which has helped them focus on their repeat business clients.

“We want to remain a boutique vendor who only works with one to three clients at a given time versus a consultancy who will continue to scale up and generate the feeling of ‘becoming another number,’” the spokesperson noted.

Also, Dev3lop is now providing more than tableau product development. While Dev3lop definitely has a talented team of tableau developers, they are proud to also feature data engineering consulting services, data warehousing consulting services, and full stack engineering services to their valued clients. 

“Because our team comes from the data engineering and data warehousing industries, we have been able to begin offering these new services, all within our tableau consulting offering,” the spokesperson noted, adding that providing their valued clients with more than someone with only the most basic tableau experience has made a true difference.

“Our two senior data engineers both studied together at the University of North Texas and earned bachelor’s degrees in information systems, and our newest tableau partner has a computer science degree.”

This winning combination of Dev3lop’s experienced team along with their innovative approach to tableau development and consulting generates more optimized solutions that are done correctly—the first time.

From small businesses and government agencies to enterprises, e-commerce platforms and senior engineers who are looking for a tableau consultant, Dev3lop is proud to offer tailored tableau consulting services to support any tableau implementation.

Dev3lop is also available for project management, product management, custom automated tableau solutions, dashboard design and more.

“We also have a passion to teach others about emerging technology. We are ready to collaborate with each client’s team and develop a foundation of business intelligence solutions with SQL, tableau, and more,” the spokesperson noted.

About Dev3lop is a consulting services and software company based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their clients across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys, as well as a new advanced analytics consulting service. For more information, please visit the LinkedIn page at or visit the company website at

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