Dear Doc Announces Stellar 2021 With Plans for More Growth in 2022

Company is expanding, including a new location and over 1,000 new clients to its platform

New York, NY / Dear Doc is pleased to announce exponential growth in 2021, with eyes set for the new year in further company expansion, including being housed in a new location, in 2022.

Dear Doc, the cloud-based healthcare practice growth platform, turned in a stellar 2021, having expanded in serving 1,500 clients to 2,500, nationwide. The startup has vastly improved the medical sector to help doctors compete in what is fastly becoming a digitalized environment. The forward-thinking company helps practices integrate its technology and then propel it to the next level. Founded by Joe Brown, the company has revolutionized how patients can interact with their primary healthcare professionals, with a modernized spin.

Healthcare providers which utilize Dear Doc, thanks to its artificial intelligence chatbot on their websites, have discovered new and personalized ways to interact with patients and improve engagement with them as well. Additionally, the company’s team of expert web developers also optimizes clients’ websites to become more aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing to patients.

Dear Doc currently sports a 5-Star review generator, ensuring optimal site traffic. In fact, patients are encouraged to leave reviews in being sent emails and text messages. Statistics show that 88% of patients are fond of online reviews, as much as they would be on personal recommendation.

Dear Doc, which has a new location in the Financial District, at 80 Nassau St. #4B, New York, NY 10038. Touted as one of the Best Places to Work in New York, the company is also currently hiring for multiple roles.

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About Dear Doc

Dear Doc is a Practice Growth Platform that helps doctors get more patients, retain their patients, and increase business efficiencies through artificial intelligence. They have won “Best Places to Work in 2020” from Built in NYC and were featured in Business Insider, among others. For more information on how to grow your practice, please visit

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