Courage, the First Ever Turbulence Forecast Tool, is Officially Launched

Courage is an AI-Driven Product that Helps People Feel Calmer When Flying Through Turbulence

BROOKLYN, NY / Justin Silver is excited to announce the recent launch of his innovative travel tool Courage.

To learn more about Courage and how it can predict upcoming turbulence during an airline flight, please visit

Courage is the first and only AI-driven turbulence forecast tool for airline passengers. It provides passengers with a minute-by-minute forecast for how bumpy the ride will be, and how long the turbulence will last.

“With Courage, we give airline passengers the tools they need to feel safe and in control at 30,000 feet,” Silver said, adding that he was inspired to create Courage because he wants to help the estimated 40 percent of people who feel anxious while flying.

“We also provide travelers with resources and exercises to help them remain calm while flying.”

Using the Courage turbulence forecast tool is easy; people can enter in their flight number and the day of their travel to get updated estimates of what type of turbulence they can expect.

In addition to providing users with a real time global turbulence forecast, Courage also gives people the AI predicted flight path, as well as a real time weather forecast.

As Silver noted, when it comes to turbulence, knowledge is power. By letting passengers know when bumpy air is coming up, how bad the turbulence will be, when it will end, they will feel more in control and have peace of mind.

Even though Courage was launched just recently, it is already getting a lot of positive attention from airline passengers who are eager to find a way to calm their nerves while flying.

“In the first four weeks, we already have one thousand customers, just from of word of mouth,” Silver said.

About Courage

Courage is on a mission to make flying less stressful. The product helps people feel calm and in control at 30,000 feet. The company’s first product is an AI driven turbulence forecast to help flyers who don’t enjoy turbulence. For more information, please visit

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