Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard is Launched by Dev3lop

The New Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard is Designed to Help Improve Tableau Server Meta Data Collection

AUSTIN, TX / Dev3lop, a tech startup based in Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of their Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard.

To learn more about the new dashboard and how it can help with Google analytics and other tasks, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, when people are in a Tableau Training, they typically do not learn about the importance of meta data creation. Instead, they hear about the features that consolidate user experiences, which in turn often creates more work and lowers the amount of traffic they could be building.

This lack of correct training usually means that people will not understand what data is being tracked and not tracked. In addition, if people have never generated a dashboard using this data, they have never made a decision on tableau usage.

Thanks to the new and free Colibri Google Analytics Tableau Dashboard from Dev3lop, everybody will now get the chance to learn a new way of building Tableau dashboards.

“Using Colibri you will be able to begin seeing how you could create your data product to be more successful,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Dev3lop built Colibri is based on feedback from enterprise companies who have asked the startup to generate data products with Tableau desktop.

“The end game of a Tableau data product completed means your team now has access to meta data for further discovery.”

The new dashboard was created to be exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. For example, navigation buttons are strategically used to drill into screenshot friendly charts and data tables. The usage of the navigation generates meta data about how end users are utilizing the google analytics tableau dashboards.

“Then it’s up to your team to capitalize on that knowledge to make that data or knowledge easier to access,” the spokesperson noted.

About Dev3lop is a grassroots tech startup based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their customers across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys, as well as a new advanced analytics consulting service. For more information, please visit the LinkedIn page at or visit the company website at

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