Coin Dispute Network Launches New CDNscan Database for Reporting Online Scams

The New Database Will Allow People to Report the Crypto Scammer’s Company, Website, Platform and/or App

NEW YORK, NY / Coin Dispute Network (CDN) is pleased to announce the launch of a new database called CDNscan that will allow people to report online scams.

To learn more about Coin Dispute Network and the new database, please visit

As Andrew Hanning, founder of CDN noted, people can use the new CDNscan database to report the crypto scammer’s company name, website, platform and/or app. The report is confidential, the person will be notified about potential recovery options, and the report will help CDN in its fight against crypto scams around the world.

“Right now you can start entering the name of the scam and it will show all relevant results already reported in its database. There are several thousand different websites and scams already reported that one can view and read about,” Hanning noted, adding that in order to help educate the public about harmful fake trading websites and other scams, the website also features  educational videos and other resources that teach people how to spot and avoid these common fraudulent situations.

For instance, the Coin Investment Scam lures in unsuspecting investors with promises of easy returns. While the profits listed on these websites are typically fake, investors who fall for it will send these websites or apps their hard-earned money.

The Romance Scam is another method used to get money via romance and emotional manipulation.

“They start on dating sites but quickly move to telegram, WhatsApp or other anonymous messaging platforms used by scammers,” Hanning said.

“You will be asked to invest money or send them money with promises to be paid back. Then you may be lured to invest in a website that supposedly will make you rich.”

About Coin Dispute Network

Coin Dispute Network is leading the fight against online trading scams and fake investment websites. Their new database website has thousands of scams reported by victims. Victims can use this free resource to look up the names of websites and companies that have been reported, as well as report their own companies that may have targeted them. For more information, please visit

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