CBD Movers – Moving Safely with Covid-19 Infection Control Training

Canberra, ACT / As the world limps back to sound health, most of us are still skeptical if the virus is likely to go away for good. That said, life can’t keep waiting for the pandemic to end. We need to find ways to keep going, to keep doing business as usual. And if you have been postponing moving due to the fear of infection, wait no more. CBD Movers have made moving safe for you. They’re now certified for Infection Control Training – Covid 19 by Aspen Medical and the Australian Government Department of Health.

About the Infection Control Training – Covid 19 Certification

The said training is an endeavor of the Australian Government Department of Health. It is offered by their trusted training partner Aspen Medical, ACT.

The training includes:

● Prevention and control of infection from COVID-19

● Training module designed for aged care workers

● Training module that emphasizes on remote as well as rural communities apart from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health

CBD movers have stepped up and taken this certification to ensure that clients, as well as employees, are safe from the looming pandemic during the move.

Because Sanitization Is Not Enough

With the increasing need for precautions to prevent the spread of infection, mere sanitization cannot be a sufficient measure. This is why CBD Movers have gone a mile further and done what’s in the best interest of their clientele. The certification in itself is a big step in ensuring safety not only for the clients but also for the employees of CBD movers.

The Infection Control Training – Covid 19 certification is another thing that sets this seasoned moving company apart from the rest in Australia.

Here’s a statement from CBD Movers that just about sums it up.

“As service providers, we have certain moral responsibilities too. In the face of such a grave situation, doing just that one extra bit can be a boon for our clients and society at large. And this responsibility is not just towards our clients. We owe it to our employers as well. Their wellbeing, especially in the line of their duty is incumbent upon us. The Covid-19 Infection Control Training makes it possible for us to do our bit in the right manner.”

About CBD Movers

CBD Movers™ is one of the most renowned and trusted names in Australia’s moving industry. This global conglomerate started off as a local removalists company in Melbourne in 2009.
Today, more than a decade later the business can boast of 100000 moving jobs and made its presence as the highest reviewed company in Australia. The company also offers subsidiary services like moving labor, storage, and cleaning.

With its operations based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and New Castle, CBD Movers have become a household name across the country. The business now operates across five other nations with fleets of all kinds and sizes and a professionally trained staff of movers.

For more information about CBD Movers, their services, and their areas of service, please visit Cbdmovers.com.au

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